The commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of the Hartl family is not only evident in the Hotel Hartl but also in the other family-owned businesses in Flachau:

In 1994 a plot of land near the center of the village was bought. It was on this basis that Wilfried Hartl's heart project was realized: The Flachauer Gutshof with the well-known “Musistadl” as a restaurant and event location. The specialty of the Flachauer Gutshof is the combination of a 400 year old farmhouse that comes from Eben im Pongau and a 250 year old cowshed that was dismantled in Carinthia and rebuilt and expanded in Flachau.

Musistadl | © Flachauer Gutshof


The concept of the Flachauer Gutshof is based on the combination of high-quality gastronomy with high-quality musical entertainment - especially live music - and is still successful today.

With a new land purchase (2004) right next to the Gutshof, another project could be realized: The "Flachauer Gutshof - Alpenchalets", which were built in 2011 in a first construction phase with 26 units (13 chalets) and reception.
The second construction phase followed in 2013 with an expansion to a total of 42 units (21 chalets) including underground parking.


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